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Welcome for enquiry & booking

We specialize in organization for Families, Companies, Social & School for kukup Fishing Village Tours.

Provide tour transport, meals, chalets, activities area & facilities, visit fish farm tour & Shopping etc.

All chalets are built on the sea and by concrete and facing to sea and facing one of the largest mangrove Island in the world and fully air-con.

The individule chalet with 24 bed to 40 bed, total 4 units are available for 120 Pax.

Good News for booking kukup Chalet..........!

If You have 12 paxs and above you would occupy a 2 to 3 bedrooms chalet & fully facilities Chalet.

Plesae come to kukup fishing village chalet to enjoy your holiday, quickly to gather your families, relative, colleagues, friends, schoolmate, business partner and so on.......come here


The Rate:

- S$90+/Adult & S$70+/Child (with transport from Singapore)

- S$70+/Adult & S$50+/Child (without Transport)


- 2X - Seafood Lunch (at Restaurant)

- 1X - Tea Break (At Chalet)

- 1X - Seafood BBQ (At Chalet)

- 1X - Breakfast (At Chalet)

- 1X - Supper (At Chalet)

- 2 ways tour transport from SIN - Kukup - SIN

(You can designate your prefer pick up point in Singapore)


- Chalet provide big open space & fishing jetty for you (the open spece is largest than all kukup Chalets)

- Chalet with fully air-con/ Digital Karaoke System with 20k Song/ Mahjong/ Net Fishing/ Water Boiler/ Fridge & Heater.....


Welcome for Call up/ SMS or WhatApp Enquiry or Reservation:

Contcat: Dennis Foo

+65-8585 8686 (S) - Speak In Englist/ Mandarin / Dialect (Everyday)

+601110 632223 (M) - Speak In Mandarin/ Englist / Dialect (Sat & Sun)


(Operation Hours From 10.00am to 8.00pm Everyday)
Email: kukuptour@gmail.com